Eric Lennox-Devion thanks Provost Clearie and guests at the Civic Reception

Provost Clearie, Guests, fellow Scouts

On behalf of all the scouts and leaders of the 113th Glasgow (Burnside) Scout Group, it is my pleasure to say Thank You to you and to South Lanarkshire Council for this wonderful gift of a large framed badge. This will be sited within our hall for all to see as a permanent reminder of our centenary.

Thank you also for your generosity in hosting this evening for all the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and their parents and other supporters of the Scout Group. For one hundred years, young people in and around Rutherglen have been meeting, socialising, learning and having fun in our Scout hall in Crawfurd Road. In its time that hall has hosted a school, many sports clubs, dancing schools, adult recreation classes and the grounds have even been turned in to allotments during the war to support the local community.

Placing the large framed badge will remind future generations of the many people who have benefited from the 113th Scout group’s existence in Burnside.

Over the years the Scouts have forged a strong relationship with South Lanarkshire Council. We young people look forward to that partnership continuing so that we have the support of all to develop as good citizens of this community and in turn to offer something back when we too become adults able to keep the good work of a voluntary scout group going for a second century.

Please accept this gift of a book as a thank you for your kind gift and support
Thank You once again

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