Presentation of Silver Acorn to Nigel Macdonald by District Commissioner Carslaw Purdie and Provost Clearie

About Nigel Macdonald

Nigel has been Scout Leader at the 113th Glasgow (Burnside) Scout Group since 1981, and with over 25 years in that role, may be one of the longest serving S.L.s in the Group, if not the district.

Nigel has a unique style of leadership, which endears him to his leadership team and to the scouts. Indeed many return year on year to see what’s happening in the troop, even from as far afield as Dubai because the regard they hold him in, and in appreciation of the life skills he has passed on to them all. Nigel has recently developed a group web page and is building up a portfolio of archive historical material to share. He is building up a network of contacts of former members in preparation for the Group’s centenary events in 2009.

Nigel is very much an “outdoor” Scouter. His newsletters, totally understandable to the generation of young people he engages with, are often a source of confusion and mystery to parents. Nigel runs at least one outdoor and/or overnight event each month. His annual Christmas caving expedition is eagerly anticipated by young people and parents alike.

Some years ago the group introduced a parent and child family “hike”. Nigel is the co-ordinator of this with his experience of hill walking, and together with a team of parents and leaders he carries this out to correct standards always ensuring, no matter the weather that there is a barbeque ready and waiting at the end.

Nigel works well with the Cub Leaders ensuring that as many of those moving on as possible will settle in to the troop. His challenge of engaging and retaining young people in to explorer scouts is now, after a few years, starting to pay off with a second year of growth in that section.

Nigel’s own love of all outdoors activities from hill walking and mountaineering to water activities has paid off for the Group and for his sharing of that love with other sections through joint activities.

An award would underline the appreciation of the Movement to Nigel for his efforts, and reflect the gratitude in which he has been held in 27 years as Scout Leader.

About Silver Acorns

The Silver Acorn is a Scouting award for adults, and has been awarded since 1933. It is awarded by the Chief Scout in recognition of specially distinguished service to Scouting and is seldom awarded for less than 20 years service.

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